single frame of Transmute II

Transmute II

Animation | 9:18 | 2023 Transmute II is the first to be completed of a three part series of animations produced by capturing images revealed when sanding through blocks of diaristic materials that were de/re-constructed from scientific laboratory notebooks. Pages from the notebooks are interleaved with objects and materials associated with experiments, experimental subjects, and …

Title Unknown

Animation | 9:39 | 2022 Title Unknown is an animation made by sanding through blocks of layered material while photographing the images revealed along the way. Blocks were 6″x6″ of varying depths, made with acrylic medium and various collected objects, layered on a canvas wrapped board, mounted on wood. Remnants of the blocks after sanding …

fluorescent neuron


Chapters from my graduate work using optogenetics in the zebra finch visual system to determine visual guidance strategies during flight. The thesis included anatomical work in the accessory optic system, vestibulocerebellum, and oculomotor cerebellum, electrophysiology in the accessory optic system, and flight behavior studies, some of which are represented in Zebra Finch Visual Guidance. All …


A published and peer-reviewed software package written in the R programming language including a hexagonal logo design. The package was initially developed with the zebra finch visual guidance project as a sample dataset, but was designed to be flexible enough to use with many different types of movement data.

visual abstracts

Schematics designed in collaboration with scientists to graphically summarize their work. Project diagram showing multisensory integration in the sensorimotor control loop. Optic flow and somatosensory cues generated by behavior are detected by sensors and transformed into neural signals and motor commands. Generalized anatomical pathways explored in this project are shown in center. Visual (fuscia) midbrain-ponto-cerebellar …

zebra finch in flight tunnel

Zebra Finch Visual Guidance

A chapter from my graduate work, focused on determining visual guidance strategies and control during forward flight in zebra finches. Ten birds were trained to fly perch-to-perch across a 3 meter long flight tunnel with visual stimulus displayed on monitors on either side. The experimental chamber and treatments were designed to study lateral flight control, …

Holiday Poster

Zoology Holiday Party

Poster and banner design for the Zoology Department’s Holiday Celebration at the University of British Columbia in 2019.

Ride Against Femicide

Print materials for the Ride Against Femicide in Seattle, WA. Included a rack card, a postcard, and several letter size options in color and black and white.

Katmai National Park and Preserve

Materials for Katmai National Park and Preserve, including internal and outfacing educational materials for Exotic Plant Management, cartographic flight charts for internal use, photography, and coastal bear pin design.

panic hankies

A limited edition, locally manufactured, emotive handkerchief company, including a special edition designed for The New Museum Store, NYC